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At Inquilab we positively encourage and welcome your feedback so that we can continue to develop and improve our services. If you are a resident, the easiest and most efficient way to give feedback is via our Residents Portal. If you are not a resident, you can send us your feedback by completing the following on-line feedback form:


Got a Complaint?

We know that there are times when things don’t always go as well as you, or we, would like. We have a visible, open, policy for complaints, which you can view from our downloads section on this page.

If you are a resident wishing to make a complaint, please use our Resident Portal to do this. This is the most efficient way for our team to deal with your complaint. Access the resident portal here.

If you are not a resident, or you are unable to access our Resident Portal, you can submit your complaint using our on-line feedback form. You can also submit a formal complaint to us by writing to:

Customer Services
Inquilab Housing Association
Unit 3, 8 Kew Bridge 
TW8 0FJ 

If you would like someone to act on your behalf in making a complaint, we will still need your written consent to discuss your complaint, and to correspond accordingly, with them. 

At all times, we aim to respond to complaints in a reasonable and timely manner.