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Our History

From Revolution To Evolution

The word Inquilab comes from the Urdu meaning of 'Revolution'; a catalyst for change, to evolve and influence in favour of continuous improvement.

In the mid-1980s, it was clear that the housing needs of black and minority ethnic (BME) communities were not being met by mainstream social housing providers.

This was especially evident in Southall (part of the London Borough of Ealing) where - with its concentration of Asian families - a collaboration of community activists, people working in housing associations, local authorities, and the NHS, came together to tackle the issue. 

As part of this 'revolution', our founders committed themselves to challenge the way things were done and to seek positive change and, in 1987, Inquilab became a registered housing association.

Since those early days, Inquilab has grown and today, with over 1,350 properties, we are proud to be one of the largest community-based associations working with BME communities in the country. 

Despite the Asian origins of our name, our aim was - and still is - to serve all sectors of the community, regardelss of race, religion, or background.

A History that Defines the Future

--- 1984 ---
Federation of Black Housing Organisations founded

--- 1986 ---
Inquilab founded in Southall by local BME housing advocates
Chair: Mohni Gujral | Chief Executive: Kamal Faizi
Abolition of the Greater London Council

--- 1987 ---
Registration on 22 July | Move into offices at Ealing Family Housing Association

--- 1988 ---
The Housing Act redefines housing associations as non-public bodies, allowing private sector borrowing, and stimulating growth of the sector

--- 1990 ---
Arden Anderson appointed as new Chair
Margaret Thatcher steps down as Prime Minister; during her 11-year parliamentary reign more than 1.5 million council houses were sold

--- 1991 ---
200 homes in pipeline
More than 40 BME associations are registered with the Housing Corporation

--- 1993 ---
Arvinda Gohil appointed new Chief Executive

--- 1995 ---
£6m loan facility granted for the acquisition of homes from development partners Ealing Family and Acton Housing Associations

--- 1996 ---
Move to Grove House in Southall
Research and publish ‘Case for Sheltered Housing Among BME Elderly Communities in West London’

--- 1997 ---
Captain Kandiah Chandran appointed as new Chair

--- 1998 ---
Clive Coley appointed as new Chief Executive
Acquire first homes in Richmond upon Thames

--- 1999 ---
Enter development agreements with Ealing Family, Acton and Notting Hill Housing Trust
500 homes

--- 2000 ---
Receive £9.2m ADP allocation from Housing Corporation – the largest to date
Greater London Authority created

--- 2001 ---
Gina Amoh becomes new Chief Executive | Eric Nelson-Addy appointed Finance Director
Awarded IIP Investors in People

--- 2002 ---
£9m Lloyds loan facility granted for acquisition of more homes
Grasgarth House completed

--- 2003 ---
Four Green Lights in Housing Corporation awards full ‘Four Green Lights’

--- 2004 ---
First shared ownership homes developed at Ditton Park James, Meadow Court

--- 2005 ---
Glebe Way completed, and first refurbished homes in Elmbridge acquired, reaching 750 homes

--- 2006 ---
Opening of Avingdor Court scheme with Catalyst and Asra

--- 2008 ---
The Housing Corporation – established in 1964 – was abolished and its functions split between two new organisations: The Homes and Communities Agency and The Tenant Services Authority

--- 2009 ---
Olu Olanrewaju becomes of Chair of the Board
Federation of Black Housing Organisations (FBHO) disbanded

--- 2010 ---
1,000th home; the year ends with a 1,103-strong housing portfolio
10th year of continued Investors in People standard
Government reduces funding for building affordable homes by 60% - leading to a new era of private funding to meet the needs of Britain’s communities

--- 2012 ---
Launch Inquilab’s Resident Experience Panel
Tenant Services Authority is scrapped; regulation and reduced consumer role taken up by Housing Communities Agency with London Mayor taking charge of homes investment budget

---2013 ---
The UK’s Welform Reform programme begins

--- 2014 ---
Inquilab achieves the Housing Corporation Association’s top-rated G1 and V1 status demonstrating excellence governance and value for money

--- 2015 ---
Awarded Investors in People GOLD, and gained Diversity Champion Award demonstrating Inquilab’s commitment to its staff and development

--- 2016 ---
Move to larger premises in Kew Bridge as association reaches 1,250 homes
Sadiq Khan elected Mayor of London

Chief Executive Gina Amoh appointed Chair of BME London Landlords
Grenfell Tower fire kills 72 people leading to major changes in design and build of multi-storey housing

--- 2018 ---
Pamela Leonce is appointed Chair
Social housing green paper propose landmark reform in light of the Grenfell Disaster
Launch of Leadership 2025 which encourages the development of the sectors future senior leaders from BME backgrounds

--- 2019 ---
Gilmartins appointed as maintenance and service contractor
Centenary of social housing ... 100 year anniversary of the Addison Act which paved the way for large scale council housebuilding

---2020 ---
G2 rating leads to the launch of ‘The Inquilab Way’ transformation programme
Chief Executive Gina Amoh named as one of the sectors ‘top twenty’ women in housing

"From our early beginnings of supporting housing for under-represented BME communities we are now a strong, inclusive, and community-driven organisation that supports housing need for all people, regardless of their race, religion, or background."


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