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Raising a Repair


Under the terms of your tenancy agreement there are certain areas of responsibility when it comes to maintaining and repairing your home; some are our responsibility, others will be yours.

Before raising a repair please check here as to who is responsible for the repair.

Repairs fall into either Planned Maintenance, Emergency, or General Repairs.

Planned maintenance includes improvements to your home and building that are carried out according to our building maintenance schedule. This may include updating kitchens, bathrooms, windows, roofing, and decorating. 

Emergency or general repairs where we are responsible for the repair must be reported to us immediately.

How to Report a Repair

If the repair is our responsibility, you will need to raise a repair request via your 'My Inquilab' app. If you are not yet registered on our portal, you can register here.

If your repair is an emergency such as leaking water, structural damage, or an issue that puts your health and safety at risk, please contact us immediately on 0208 607 7777. Please note that this phone number is for emergencies only.