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Contractors and Estate Services


We carry out garden and property maintenance and repairs in partnership with a number of contractors. We all have the right to work and live in an environment where we feel safe and are treated with courtesy and respect. All our contractors sign up to our code of conduct and as a valued resident of Inquilab Housing Association you can expect our staff and contractors to respect both you and your home. 

Our people work hard to deliver a high standard of service and we ask that they are also treated fairly and with respect. Unacceptable behaviour – including verbal abuse – will result in action being taken by us to protect our people and our residents. If you have a complaint about a contractor or member of staff, please contact us via your 'My Inquilab' app, by phone on 0208 607 7777, by email at,  or by completing our complaints feedback form here

We expect our contractors to:

  • Keep your home secure at all times
  • Clean up an any dust, dirt or debris caused by the work at the end of each day
  • Provide dust sheets to protect your belongings where necessary
  • Only remove carpets with your permission
  • Provide mutual agreement, in writing where necessary, on the condition of your furniture, carpets and other fittings and fixtures before work starts 
  • Be polite at all times; this includes refraining from bad or offensive language
  • Display a photo ID of themselves to provide proof of identity
  • Refrain from smoking or carrying out any offensive habit in or near your home
  • Respect your privacy; this includes refraining from using a radio in your home
  • Only use their own equipment and to not use any items belonging to you without your permission, such as ladders or kettles
  • To treat everyone equally and embrace diversity

In return, we ask you to:

  • Be polite and respectful to our contractors and staff
  • Keep children and pets well away from workpeople and the working area
  • Not touch or tamper with the works while they are being carried out
  • Move or protect any fragile items in or near the working area
  • Accept that there’s likely to be some disruption while the works are being carried out

Gardens, Cleaning and Shared Spaces

We want your neighbourhood to be somewhere you are proud and happy to live. We employ grounds maintenance contractors to carry out gardening work such as grass cutting, maintaining shrubs, hedges and trees, and weed control. We also carry out an annual safety survey of trees in communal grounds, giving priority to urgent work. We always check for Tree Preservation Orders and never remove trees unless we have to.

We also employ cleaners to do basic cleaning inside and outside our housing schemes. Their work includes picking up litter, sweeping and cleaning shared areas such as entrances and corridors, and changing light bulbs.

Please refer to your tenancy agreement for a full list of your responsibilities.