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Mutual Exchange & Transfers


If you are an Inquilab resident, you can apply for either a mutual exchange or a transfer to another Inquilab home from your current location. 

Residents may want to transfer for a variety of reasons including:

  • Change in family size
  • Need for relocation, such as job move or change in personal relationships
  • A disability or medical reason
  • Lifestyle changes, such as retirement
  • Harassment 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Affordability

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange lets you exchange your home with another Inquilab resident, or with a resident from another housing association or council almost anywhere in the country. To arrange an exchange, contact your council’s housing office or any housing associations with suitable properties in the area you wish to move to.

As long as you do not have rent arrears and your home is suitable for the people you wish to exchange with, we will normally agree to a mutual exchange.

Inquilab is a member of the HomeSwapper lettings scheme that allows you to advertise your home online. You can register with HomeSwapper by visiting their website

Transferring to Another Inquilab Home

If you are an Inquilab resident, you can apply to transfer to another home from your current location. 

In order to transfer your home, please contact us via the Residents Portal, or you can download and complete the form below:

  Application for Transfer (89.9KB)

This should be sent to us at:

Inquilab Housing Association
Unit 3,
8 Kew Bridge,

Alternative Housing Options

Seaside and Country Homes

Seaside and Country Homes offers older tenants of London’s councils and housing associations the opportunity to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Find out more about the scheme and apply

Housing Moves

This is the Mayor of London’s housing mobility scheme that allows tenants of London boroughs or housing associations to move outside their existing borough to a different part of London. It is run by the Greater London Authority and the majority of London boroughs and housing associations are participating in Housing Moves.To find out more about the scheme and apply, visit the Housing Moves website

Shared Ownership – First Steps London

FIRST STEPS is the official intermediate housing programme from the Mayor of London helping low and modest income Londoners to buy or rent at a price they can afford. In the website, you can find all the FIRST STEPS properties in one place, advertised in partnership with affordable homes property portal

Find out more about the scheme and apply