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What We Do

Meeting Housing Need, Supporting Sustainable Communities

At Inquilab we never forget that our residents are our customers. We believe that providing housing for people is more than bricks and mortar ... it's about creating a home and developing sustainable environments where people and communities can prosper.

Inquilab Housing Association provides social housing, housing-related services, and home ownership products for residents living in West London, Slough and Elmbridge.

We currently have over 1,340 homes (as of year ending 31 March 2020) which include:

  • 1,261 General Needs – housing that does not need any special adaptations
  • 79 Shared Ownership – part rent/part mortgaged to help people on the journey to owning their own home.

As well as offering affordable quality housing, we are committed to helping our residents achieve a more sustainable and healthy way of life. We do this both directly and through our partnerships with other organisations to provide access to skills training, employment programmes, work experience, health provision, budget planning, and a variety of community-based initiatives. 

And, through supporting the communities in which we live and work, we are driven to enrich wider society by supporting campaigns and initiatives that promote diversity, stamp out racism, and which encourage a fair, more inclusive, world.