Your Tenancy

Types of Tenancy

The property you move into offers you a home as long as you meet your responsibilities as a tenant. When you sign your tenancy agreement you are making a legally binding agreement with us to keep to the terms and accept the responsibilities of the agreement

Inquilab offers four types of tenancy:

Assured tenancy

This is a periodic tenancy granted to tenants on or after the 15 January 1989. As long as you do not break the terms of the tenancy agreement you may continue to live in the property.

Assured shorthold tenancy

These tenancies have less security of tenure then Assured tenancies. We will only issue these in limited circumstances.

Starter tenancies

Starter tenancies have probationary period for one year and during this time you will be an assured short hold tenant. This means that it is easier for us to end your tenancy. Your tenancy will normally change to an assured tenancy after 12 months although we can extend the probationary period if there have been problems with the tenancy.

Five-year, fixed-term tenancy

From April 2012 we can issue a 5 year fixed term tenancy. This means that the end of the fixed term period your tenancy can be ended. Some of the factors that will determine whether the tenancy continues will be as follows:

  • How well has the tenancy been conducted
  • Have there been any breaches of the tenancy
  • Have your income levels exceeded the limit for social housing

Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange lets you exchange your home with another Inquilab tenant, or with a tenant from another housing association or council almost anywhere in the country. To arrange an exchange, contact your council’s housing office or any housing associations with suitable properties in the area you wish to move to.

As long as you do not have rent arrears and your home is suitable for the people you wish to exchange with, we will normally agree to a mutual exchange.

Inquilab is a member of the HomeSwapper lettings scheme that allows you to advertise your home online. You can register with HomeSwapper at

Transferring to another home

If you feel your home is too small or too large for you, you can contact us to discuss a transfer. We will send you a form to fill in and send back with various documents.

As long as there is nothing to legally prevent you moving, we will usually approve the transfer and register you on Locata, the website that lets you look and bid for suitable homes. We will send you a letter confirming your unique number and banding so you can get bidding.

Locata :

Ending your tenancy

You can end your tenancy with us at any time, you just need to give us at least four weeks written notice. We will then send you a form which you need to complete and return to us to start the moving out process.