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We're listening: Our latest resident survey results

2022/23 Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

15th May 2023

Every three months, we survey a representative sample of our residents through an independent, authorised, company to get feedback as to how we are performing as your housing provider and to determine resident satisfaction levels. The results of these surveys, along with the feedback we receive from you via our various communication channels, tells us what we’re doing well, and where we need to improve.

Your feedback is important to us and, as a result, we recognise that our services have not always been to the standard that you rightly expect from us. Regrettably, in some instances this has led to us letting our residents down, particularly in the areas of communication and repairs.

We need to get better at listening to you so we can identify the problems that are effecting you earlier in the process, and ensure we consider more deeply the impact they have on you. We need to follow through on the commitments that we make and, when we can’t, we must ensure that we keep you updated in a timely and efficient manner.

In our latest survey report (to 31 March 2023) we have the data to help us understand how we have been performing across our full twelve-month period, during which over 440 residents gave their views and feedback. This, together with general feedback that we gather through our residents app, on email, and through our website, gives us a clear picture of what we need to do to get better.

In summary, whilst there are some good levels of satisfaction in individual areas, our overall annual satisfaction rate for 2022/23 is 39%. However, there has been a steady increase in satisfaction each quarter, rising from the start of the year at 35% to 44% by the end of March. This begins to reflect the work that we have been doing in the last year to improve our services, our resources, and our processes. 

But we acknowledge that this is not good enough and that we still have a lot of work to do to improve our performance. The following is a summary of the headline survey results for the year ending March 2023.

Inquilab Satisfaction Data to end March 2023.png

So what are we doing …

Investing in People

Above all, it’s about people. One major change we have made is to recruit more people into our team so that we can better manage and resource your housing needs.

We have strengthened our management team with the appointment of Gary Clark as Director of Customers and Communities, and Andrew Godwin as Director of Development and Asset Management. And, in January, we welcomed Jane Mellard as our new Head of Housing Services.

Under a new operations structure, we also now have more, professionally skilled, people – including a strong customer liaison team, three full-time housing officers, and more surveyors. This means we have the resources to be much more responsive and efficient when dealing with your enquiries, repairs, and the ongoing maintenance of your home.

Investing in your Home

We have already begun a programme of stock condition surveys which look, over the next five years, into the condition of all the homes we provide for our residents.

The aim of these surveys is to plan for future maintenance and building improvements work, such as new kitchens, windows, and bathrooms. At the same time, we are also carrying out energy performance surveys as part of our commitment to improving energy efficiency.

We also regularly review the performance of our contractors, (such as our repairs and maintenance services and cleaning companies) as we look to improve these services for a better more responsive experience, whilst at the same time ensuring we delivering value for money.

Investing in Better Communication

We also continue to invest in new communications channels, such as the ‘My Inquilab’ app and our website to keep you better informed. And we are reviewing and refreshing how we engage with our residents; not just in terms of communications channels, but how you can get involved with us to help shape our services and hold us to account! We have opportunities for residents to get involved in our Residents Scrutiny Panel, Editorial Panel and Focus Groups. More information can be found here

How to Contact us

Knowing how to get in touch with us and how we deal with your enquiries helps both you, and us, to manage your calls and requests faster and more efficiently. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us, and we always aim to respond within a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

  • Use the ‘My Inquilab’ App. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get in touch with us. You can message us directly, raise a repair, and keep up to date with any important notices. If you don’t already have the app, you can register here
  • If you don’t have access to an app-enabling device, you can email us at Your email will be looked at by a member of our customer services team who will either respond directly, or inform you if your enquiry needs to be dealt with by one of our dedicated housing officers. 
  • You can submit an online feedback form here. Your form will go through to our customer services team. 
  • If you are making a complaint, you can also do this by using our online complaints form here
  • You can call us on 0208 607 7777. Our phone lines are open Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 9am to 5pm. Calls are diverted to an out of hours help desk for emergency calls. When calling you will be dealt with by one of our trained Customer Liaison Officers. Please note that our phone lines are often busy and there may be a delay in answering your call. 


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