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Help and Advice for Managing the Increases in Cost of Living

Help and Advice with the Cost of Living

5th December 2022

Today's cost of living has reached unprecedented levels with many people struggling to make ends meet. Here, you will find information and a breakdown of what support and advice is available to you in helping to manage, and cope with, the increases in the cost of living.


Support with Food Costs  

Many people are experiencing increasing financial anxiety and stress due to rises in fuel costs, food, and the general cost of living. We have partnered with several food banks to help ease some of the pressure. 
Food banks provide emergency food, support, and advice to people locked in poverty. From non-perishable foods and fresh and frozen ones, to toiletries and household essentials, food boxes can be a real life-saver when it comes to feeding a family or managing your own wellbeing. 

To get a food bank voucher please contact our Engagement & Communities Team on the details below. 


Support with Energy costs  

Inquilab works with a number of partner charities and social enterprises who can provide help and support in reducing the amount of energy (such as gas and electricity) you use in your home and therefore save you a significant amount of money.   

For more information please visit : Energy Support and Advice :: Inquilab Housing Association Ltd. ( 


Inquilab Hardship Fund 

Inquilab Housing Association Hardship Fund provides a one-off support payment (a financial grant or equivalent) to help contribute towards essential goods or services for Inquilab residents who are experiencing financial hardship.   

To find out more about the Inquilab Hardship Fund click here  

For more information on how we can support you, contact our Engagement and Communities Team on the details below.  


Telephone:  0208 607 7777  


Benefits and Financial Support  

Anyone aged 18 and up to pension age who is on a low or nil income can apply for Universal Credit. 

To check your benefit entitlement and eligibility you can use the benefits calculator that’s available on the Turn 2 Us website here: Turn2us Benefits Calculator 

If you need support completing your application form, Citizens Advice Bureau has a support service. The Help to Claim team can offer help in working out if you have an entitlement and can help filling out an application form. 

Contact us about applying for Universal Credit - Citizens Advice 

For more information on Universal Credit visit: 

Universal Credit: How to claim - GOV.UK ( 


Support from the Government and External Parties  

Below is a brief outline of help available. For the latest information and to find out if you are eligible for any of the mentioned support below, please visit Household costs - Help for Households 

For information on help with energy costs please visit our support page here: Energy Support and Advice :: Inquilab Housing Association Ltd. ( 

For more advice about how to manage your finances and what help is available please click here 

Household Support Fund 

This is a fund that has been made available to local authorities to support residents who need support for everyday living essentials such as food, help with energy costs.  

To find out if you are eligible for support, please contact your local authority. 

Cost of Living payment 

Households on means tested benefits, including Universal Credit, Pension Credit and Tax Credits, can receive a payment of £650 this year.   

Disabled Cost of Living payment  

If you receive certain disability benefits, you may be entitled to receive an automatic one-off payment. This is in addition to the cost-of-living payment.  

Pensioner Cost of Living payment 

If you are of pensionable age, you can get between £100 and £300 to help towards your heating bills. 

You can also receive an extra one-off £300 Pensioner Cost of Living Payment, which will be paid as an automatic top-up to the Winter Fuel Payment.  

Council Tax Rebate  

If you live in a property with a council tax band of A-D, you will receive an automated rebate of £150.00. You shouldn’t need to do anything as this is an automated payment.  

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