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Energy Efficiency


Reducing the amount energy (such as gas and electricity) you use in your home could save you a significant amount of money. At the same time, the less energy you use, the less CO2 goes into your environment so it’s kinder on the planet as well as your wallet.

To help you save energy and reduce your energy bills:

  • Make sure your hot water cylinder is insulated with a suitable jacket. These are available to buy at a range of DIY stores
  • Don’t overheat your home. Setting your heating thermostat at 20 degrees should be sufficient and could cut your fuel bill by over £100 per year
  • Draw your curtains in the evenings; as much as 40% of heat can be lost through windows
  • Only heat the rooms you use. Turn off radiators in bedrooms during the day and turn them back on an hour before you go to bed
  • Keep doors closed as warm air is sucked into cooler areas like halls and landings
  • Lay a rug or carpet on vinyl or laminate floors to help retain floor heat
  • Use electricity wisely, such as only boiling the amount of water you actually need or not keeping the oven heating up longer than required
  • Switch off lights and working appliances when not needed, including computers and laptops and mobile phone chargers
  • If you have a dishwasher, wait until it is full before switching it on
  • Use your washing machine when full, half loads do not mean half price!
  • If you have a car, it’s a good idea to think about how you could reduce your travel too, saving money on petrol by using public transport, cycling, walking or car-sharing

Compare Energy Providers for the Best Deal

It’s always a good idea to review your energy provider, where you can, to ensure you are getting the best deal. Some providers offer incentives too.

At Inquilab we also keep a close eye on what incentives, discounts and grants are available for our residents and we will notify you accordingly of any energy saving schemes we can offer you.