Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team is made up of 3 members who lead the organisation. The team members are

Gina Amoh
Chief Executive
Working Since 2013

Gina was appointed Chief Executive in December 2001 and has over 20 years’ experience in the housing sector. Her role as Chief Executive encompasses the major business functions including, housing management, maintenance and new business.

Gina brings with her a wide range of expertise in areas including housing management, maintenance, development, organisational development, corporate learning, HR, change management and diversity.

Eric Nelson-Ady
Director of Resources / Deputy Chief Executive
Working Since 2009

Eric first worked for Inquilab in 2001 and left to work abroad for two years. He re-joined Inquilab as the Director of Finance and Resources in October 2009.

Eric has over 20 years’ financial experience, in addition to comprehensive knowledge of the housing sector. His role encompasses the management of financial services, as well as the provision of financial leadership across the Association. He is also responsible for ICT, policy and performance functions.