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Karibu Community Homes merger update

Have a look at our key milestones since merger

22nd May 2024

As we continue to integrate into Karibu Community Homes, we’re making significant strides in uniting our services, systems, and data under one roof. Our priority is to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption to our residents. 

Key Milestones: 


  • Seamless Service Delivery: We are working to combine our services, aiming for a smooth transition and make improvements as we progress. 


  • Better repair service: The onboarding of our new repairs contractor is complete and early resident feedback is positive.


  • Unified Systems: Efforts to combine our systems is in progress, A considerable amount of work is being done to validate the data we hold, ensuring it’s accurate and fit for purpose. This will allow our staff to work from one Karibu system and for our services to be aligned to individual need where appropriate.



  • Stronger Resident Support:  We are reviewing and updating a number of key polices and also looking at a suite of service standards that we will publish. These will set out in clear terms what you can expect from us as a social landlord in an easy-to-understand format. We are also partnering with other larger housing associations who have homes in the same area as us and working together on community activities and events. These will be published and promoted on our website throughout the year.



  • Improved Communications: We are bolstering our communication channels with residents, staff, and stakeholders and we have created a Karibu website landing page for our residents which is undergoing a complete redesign with updated content and information. We are currently consulting on this so please let us have your thoughts on what you would like to see. 



  • Engaging with Residents: We are developing a new a more substantial offer for resident engagement and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to become more involved in helping us shape our services and scrutinise our performance. You will see our staff out in your neighbourhoods more as well as us having more individual conversations as part of us getting to know you better. 



  • Operational Excellence:  We are developing operational plans to enhance the delivery of Karibu Community Homes services, focusing on efficiency, and looking at services provided to neighbourhoods with a focus on value for money for our tenants and leaseholders through the service charge.

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