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Help us choose your new cleaning and grounds maintenance contractor

Here is your chance to become a local neighbourhood champion!

28th May 2024

We want to improve the look and feel of our blocks and neighbourhoods, and this includes how clean they are and how well-maintained the landscaping is.

We are responsible for the cleaning and grounds maintenance services for a large number of our blocks and estates.

After a number of years with our current contractor, we will going be out to the market to invite proposals from our incumbent and other providers this year.

We know how important the quality of cleaning and grounds maintenance services are to us and our residents and we want to make sure we get things right.

It is also important that we decide on a schedule of works that reflects the needs of your neighbourhood but also represents good value for money for your service charges. This exercise provides the opportunity for us to do just that, together.

We want to work with you in deciding the type and frequency of services to be delivered where you live and we will be seeking your feedback on this.

We are also looking for a small number of volunteers who might like to help us choose from those contractors who will bid for this work and help us interview them.

Finally, once we have chosen our cleaning and grounds maintenance contractor, we would love to set up local resident neighbourhood champions to help with joint inspections, developing local plans and having a direct relationship with our officers on all things going on where you live.

Residents in all of the blocks, where we clean and provide gardening services will be written to before the end of autumn to set out our plans in relation to the retender.

In the meantime, if you feel you would like to find out more about being a neighbourhood champion or would like to get involved with contractor selection please get in touch with us on and we will arrange to discuss this with you.

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