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We pledge to create communities free from discrimination and racism


26th October 2022

This Black History Month we asked our people to make a pledge in support of 'Time for Change: Action not Words'. 

As an organisation we are committed to stamping out racism and in helping to create communities that are free from racism and discriminaiton, and where equal opportunities exist for everyone - regardless of race, colour, gender, background, or sexuality.

This is what our staff have pledged:

I pledge to ...

"... call out prejudice or inappropriate behaviour and not be a passive bystander"

"... to take a stand with my wallet! I will make an effort to know the practices of organisations that I make investments in and the charities that I donate to. I will make an effort save a small, neighbourhood organisation, and give business to those in my community"

"... not feel so isolated, depressed, about my own disability, and to educate others"

"... to take the time to check in to make sure that I pronounce a persons name correctly" 

"... ensure we [Inquilab] strengthen our equalities data collection and analysis to enable us to better know our diverse tenants as we continue to deliver services that meet their specific requirements"

"... ensure equality and diversity at work through appropriate training and in supporting a culture of fairness and inclusion"

"... purchase read, and share books by black authors to learn more and to inspire others"

"... challenge racism or any inquality when witnessed. I will learn more about it and its effects, and hope to encourage others to do the same"

"... to actively challenge behaviours that have entrenched discrimination wherever and whenever I see it"

"... challenge racial inequality and raise awareness of services within BME communities"




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