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Homes for Ukraine - Could you rent a room?

Homes for Ukraine

10th May 2022

As more Ukrainians look for shelter in the UK, and with the support of the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme, you may be wondering if you, as a tenant yourself, can offer a spare room. 
At Inquilab we want to help and protect people and families from Ukraine who are having to flee their homes during this period of war. We fully support the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme and, whilst under the normal terms of your tenancy you are not allowed to sub-let any part of your Inquilab property, you are allowed to host a guest for temporary stays. 
If you are interested in taking part in the Government's scheme you must first consult us before applying to the scheme to check if you are eligible and to fully understand the terms of your tenancy which may be affected. You can contact us on our dedicated email:
For more information visit

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