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'My Inquilab' - Our New App for Residents

My Inquilab Residents App

10th February 2022

'My Inquilab' is our all new residents app that enables easy and efficient management of your rent account and the most effectively and quickest way to get in touch with us.

The app, which was launched in Spring 2022, is available for residents to download upon registration now.

Here are some things you may like to know ...

Why have you developed a new app?
We’ve been listening to our residents who have told us that they want a more intuitive, and easy to use, system. With this in mind, and with so much more innovation and technology now available to us, we wanted to give you a more user-friendly and modern app-based approach. The app we are using has been specifically developed for housing associations and landlords and is therefore designed to meet the needs of our residents. We call this new app My Inquilab.

Why should I sign up for My Inquilab?
My Inquilab app gives you instant, easy, access to your tenancy account, enabling you to message us directly, raise and track your repairs, view the charges and payments you have made on your rent account, and give us feedback on repairs and other services. It is also the quickest and most efficient way to get in touch with us. 

How will it save me time?
As the app is downloaded onto a Smartphone or tablet computer, you can simply use its features at the touch of a single button, anywhere. It has a one-time login system too. It is also the best way to get in touch with us, meaning we can respond quicker to your enquiries, repair requests, and messages.

Is there a cost to me to download the My Inquilab?
No. The app is free

How do I get My Inquilab?
My Inquilab app is only available by invitation from Inquilab. You will receive your invitation to download the app between 7 March and end of June 2022. But you don't have to wait to be invited as you can register for an invitation on-line here

Will any of my personal data be held on my mobile device?
Only your email address and password are held on your mobile device to allow you to securely login to My Inquilab. Your name, address, basic tenancy details, messages and repairs information are all held in a secure storage facility operated by Microsoft. All other data including rent account transactions and correspondence are held on Inquilab’s core systems (in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation as governed by UK law) and made available to My Inquilab on demand. You can view our GDPR policy and privacy notice here or by accessing our Privacy Notice on our website at 

Is My Inquilab secure?
Yes, you login into the app using your email address and the password you chose during the registration process. You can change your password at any time. Industry strength methods are used to encrypt, transmit and store your data.

What happens to the information held on my previous resident’s portal?
The previous Residents’ Portal will be shut down from 1 April 2022. No actual data was held on the previous Residents’ Portal, it provided a 'gateway' into your account via our own back-office system, meaning all information held was on Inquilab’s own system, not within the portal itself.

Can I pay my rent via My Inquilab?
We are planning to introduce a Pay-my- Rent service in the latter part of 2022 as part of our ongoing release of updated versions of My Inquilab. In the meantime, you can continue to pay your rent in your usual way. For ways on how to pay your rent, please click here

How do I book a repair from My Inquilab?
Simply click 'Report a Repair' from the home page and follow the on-screen instructions. We have provided a simple tool to help diagnose your property fault; you can enter your own description of the fault and attach up to three photographs or video clips.

I don’t have a Smartphone, can I still get My Inquilab?
My Inquilab will run on any Apple (iPhone or iPad) or Android smartphone or tablet. It will not run on a Windows laptop or desktop computer.

What do I do if I have an emergency and My Inquilab or my internet service isn’t working?
In the event of an emergency, you can still contact us via our emergency telephone number 0208 607 7777. Please note that this number is for emergencies only and may be monitored. Emergencies are clarified as:
•    A Health and Safety hazard or an issue that threatens your safety or wellbeing
•    External damage to your property / building that deems it unsafe
•    Breach of security or failing entrance system
•    Urgent repairs to your property that would further damage your property or belongings if it isn’t immediately seen to
There may be times when My Inquilab will be unavailable for technical maintenance or updates. In these instances, you will normally be given advanced notice via the My Inquilab messaging service.

I don’t have access to the internet, can I still get My Inquilab?
You will require internet access to set up your My Inquilab app and to use its features in real-time.  

I don’t have access to an Apple or Android device, how do I get in touch with Inquilab
While we encourage all our residents to use the My Inquilab app as the single way in which to get in touch with us, we also appreciate that some of our residents don’t have internet, Smartphone, or compatible device. For those residents, we ask that you contact us on 0208 607 7777 to speak to us about the best way for us to communicate with one another and for us to set up your contact instructions manually.


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