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Always Check your Fire and Smoke Detectors / Alarms

Fire, Smoke, and CO2 Detectors save lives!

28th September 2022

It is essential to make sure that you have working fire, smoke and COdetectors / alarms. Even if your alarms are hard-wired you must check these regularly (every month) and replace the battery every year. Please see our advice below or click here for more information.


Alarms and Detectors

There are two types of detectors: smoke detection and heat detection. There should be one detector on every level of your home. If your property uses gas, oil, or solid fuel, it is essential to have a carbon monoxide alarm too.

These alarms must be checked regularly, at least once a month, but a weekly check that takes just a few minutes could save your life.

If you don't have a smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide alarm, you can get one for free by contacting us on 0208 607 7777

If your alarm starts beeping this means the battery is low. Never remove the battery until you can replace it with a new one immediately; and never cover the detector to silence the beeping.


Know Your Fire Evacuation 

Knowing your fire exits and how to evacuate your home when smoke, CO2, or fire is detected is essential. If you are in any doubt about how to safely exit your home in an emergency please contact us immediately on 0208 607 7777. 

*** Always ensure that fire exits are left clear at all times and free of any obstructions ***

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