Operations Team Update

Under New Management


The year has started with a number of changes within personnel at Inquilab particularly within the operations directorate, including a new Director of Operations, heads of service for operations and asset & development, a new Maintenance manager and he introduction of a health, safety & compliance manager. There are really exciting times and fresh eyes contribute alongside the Inquilab experience to develop new opportunities and fresh approaches to service delivery. Here are some of the highlights that the team are progressing.


  • Procurement of a new repairs partnering contractor for day to day repairs, voids refurbishment and planned programmes
  • Continuation of the roll out of the welfare benefit reform
  • Development of our website to aid self-service online including repairs ordering, payments and other information about our services we offer our customers
  • New systems to help manage our repairs, finance and compliance responsibilities
  • A new cleaning contractor
  • The introduction of annual Home Safety Checks
  • Pre & Post inspections
  • Estate surgeries by our Neighbourhood team
  • Introduction of a new decorations voucher scheme and customer discounts