Fire Safety

Fire Risk Assessments are a part of landlord compliance, and Inquilab have valid Fire Risk Assessment documentation for all blocks with shared communal areas. A continued programme of review is carried out by a nationally recognised company with expertise and competence in Fire Risk Assessments. Inquilab also gain further quality and compliance assurance of this work by an externally recognised company. Our internal audits and measurements re-enforce our duties and responsibilities as your landlord.

We reinforce the Fire Risk Assessment process, with monthly estate inspections, also visits from repairs/cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors. Where remedial work is highlighted we organise the works to take place by our repairs contractors.

Inquilab continue with our commitment to provide safe housing.

In February 2017, we sent you a Fire Safety Notice which was enclosed in with your rent review letter. Please keep the Fire Safety Notice safe and note the contents; we will issue an updated version shortly. Please make sure you and your families are aware of the layout of your housing block.


Fire Safety Advice

  • Test your smoke alarm weekly by pressing the button. Keep your smoke alarm free of dust and keep spare batteries handy. Further information can be accessed on the Fire Service website
  • It is safer not to smoke but if you do, try to smoke outside. Never smoke in bed (or anywhere else where you might fall asleep), make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished and never throw hot ash in bins
  • Keep matches and lighters away from children
  • Take care with candles: use proper holders and keep them away from curtains, furniture and clothes.
  • Do not overload electrical sockets
  • Never leave pans unattended when cooking
  • Avoid using pans full of oil for cooking. If the pan catches fire, never throw water on it. Cover the pan with a damp tea towel and turn off the heat. If the pan is still alight, leave the room, shut the door, warn others and call 999
  • Clean the grill pan regularly
  • If you have door closers fitted, do not wedge the door open or remove the closer
  • When you go to bed, make sure all candles are out and cookers and heaters are turned off. Close doors when you go to bed to stop fires spreading
  • Switch off any non-essential electrical items like televisions at the mains and do not charge mobiles or laptops overnight
  • Know your escape route before a fire happens
  • Do not store any items in common areas e.g. corridors or electrical cupboards. Items such as buggies, bicycles and furniture left in common areas are major risk

We will continue to provide further updates via our website or by letter, please check our website regularly. In the meantime, any residents or customers wishing to discuss this matter or if you have any specific concerns or questions please call our customer contact centre, telephone: 0208 607 7777 or email: