We want to support you, and provide you with the best services that we can. To do this we want to give you the opportunity to ‘have your say,’ so that we can listen to your views when developing and delivering our services

To find out what you need we are asking you to give us information that tells us more about you and the people living in your home. As a housing association we hold information about the ‘head of household,’ or the named contact on our tenancy agreements. However, to develop better services for everyone, we need to know about all of the people who live in your homes and what their needs are. So, we have asked a company called Ottaway Conversations to help you to complete a Needs Assessment Survey.

The survey starts on Monday 3 December 2018

The survey asks you for basic information about yourself and the people living in your household. We are also asking questions that will help us to address your needs in terms of health and wellbeing, employment and skills, education and training and community resources. In addition, we’ve asked a few questions to find out if you would like to help us improve our services by getting more involved.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes of your time. The data is used for statistical analysis only and your personal details will remain strictly confidential in line with GDPR requirements.

You can complete the survey in three ways:

  • Online, which you can complete yourself and access through your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • By telephone interview
  • Face to face by door step interview

Your chance to win a cash prize!

To say ‘thank you’ for completing the survey everyone who does so will be in with the chance to take part in three prize draws. Winners will be drawn at random and the winning names will receive:

  • £100 for the first name drawn
  • £50 for the second name drawn
  • £25 for the third and fourth names drawn

Prize Draws will take place in March 2019, after the survey ends. Winners will be notified by email and post and announced in ‘The Voice,’ email newsletter.

You can complete the survey online now! Just click on the following link.