Fire Safety Home Checks


With the tragic events of June 2017 still fresh in many people’s minds, Inquilab are going to be running some community information days during the summer where we want to make our customers aware of tips around fire safety as well as let you know what we are doing to help protect your homes. Watch out for the dates of the roadshow coming to a block near you. There will be lots of things to learn about and people who can answer your questions.

IHA undertake Fire Risk Assessments within its communal areas of flats and maisonettes to identify risk that need to be addressed in order to reduce the spread of fire. This includes fire doors, smoke seals, signage, lighting and clear access to all areas.

This is where you can help. It is vitally important that you do not leave personal belonging in corridors, entrances or stairwells as this could inhibit your exit from an emergency situation or add to the cause of one.

Here are some more tips for Fire Safety



As of 1st April 2019, Home Safety Check is the new name given to Inquilab’s annual gas servicing programme. The Home Safety Check will now cover ALL of Inquilab’s domestic properties not just those with a gas supply. We believe it’s important to undertake a safety check within each home each year. Including checking including all Heat/Smoke and CO alarms, where fitted. Some forms of non-gas heating like Heat Recovery Units require servicing on a regular basis to ensure they are kept effective and efficient. 

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