Property Re-let Standard

Inquilab’s aim is to make sure that all of our re-let properties are clean, free from the need to carry out immediate maintenance and that all equipment, fixtures and fittings are working order and conform to safety standards


  • The property will be free from rubbish and will be swept clean.
  • The previous resident’s fittings (including lights), furniture, carpets and laminate type flooring will be removed from the property (including lofts, cellars and cupboards) and disposed of responsibly.
  • The property will be checked for asbestos which will be removed or encapsulated
  • All surfaces and the inside of windows will be cleaned on completion of works
  • In blocks of flats the area immediately outside the property will be included in the Void works
  • The property will be checked to ensure it meets this standard prior to re-letting.

Bathrooms/ WC’s

  • All sanitary ware will be free from leaks, chips and marks.
  • Taps will operate effectively
  • The toilet flush will operate effectively and a new toilet seat will be fitted.
  • All taps, plugs and chains will be in good working order
  • Minimum splash back to baths is three courses of tiles and minimum splash back to hand basin is two courses of tiles.
  • Splash back to electric shower area (only) to be full height to ceiling
  • Grouting and sealant will be in sound condition
  • Floors will be fitted with slip resistant floor covering (vinyl)
  • The bath panel and any ducting will be in sound condition


  • All units and worktops will be in good working order
  • Waste and stop taps for a washing machine will be provided
  • Floors will be fitted with slip resistant floor covering (vinyl).
  • Space will be made for a cooker, washing machine, dishwasher and fridge-freezer
  • Minimum splash back to sinks and units to be three courses of tiles and cooker space tiled to ground level.
  • Grouting and sealant will be in sound condition
  • Taps will operate effectively
  • All stopcocks and gate valves will be in good working order
  • All units will have a stopcock to the cold water mains
  • In the event of integral appliances, these will be tested and provided in good working order

Door and windows

  • All doors & windows to fit their frames and open and close with reasonable tolerance
  • All door & window furniture to be present and in good working order.
  • Door closers & intumescent strips will be fitted to all fire doors
  • New Yale and Mortise locks will be fitted to the front door and keys provided.
  • Locks to external post boxes will be replaced and keys provided
  • Bathroom and toilet doors will be fitted with an appropriate bolt.
  • Keys will be provided for all external doors (we do not provide locks to internal doors)
  • All internal doors should be ply faced flush.
  • All glazing to be intact, 6mm laminated safety glass will be used where required to meet building regulations

Drains and wastes

  • Stopcocks and gate valves will be in good working order. The property will have a stopcock to the cold water mains
  • All drain gulleys will be clear. Wastes and drains will be checked for blockages & cleared.


  • A full National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) electrical check will be carried out and the certificate provided to the incoming resident
  • All work identified in the NICEIC check as requiring urgent attention will be completed before the property is re-let
  • Smoke detectors will be fitted to all properties
  • Sockets should be double: LR4 DR3 SB2 DB3 K6 H1

Floors and stairs

  • All floors and stairs will be in a condition that allows for Tenant’s floor coverings to be fitted
  • All kitchens and bathrooms floors will be fitted with slip resistant floor covering

Gardens and fencing

  • All rubbish in gardens will be removed and overgrown shrubbery will be cut back
  • Any out buildings (in good condition) eg green houses, timber sheds will be “gifted” to the incoming resident
  • Paths and paved areas leading to the front door and immediately outside the back door will be level and in sound condition
  • Fences and gates that form the boundary to the dwelling will be repaired

Heating systems

  • Gas or electric heating will be supplied to all habitable areas and will be in full working order


  • The gas supply and system will be tested and safe.
  • A “Landlords Gas Safety Record” will be provided to the ingoing Tenant

Pest Control

  • The property should be free of mice, cockroaches etc


  • Any defects within the property caused due to roof problems will be rectified

Satellite dishes TV aerial, and radio aerials.

  • Flats will be provided with a standard TV aerial socket connected to the communal aerial.
  • Houses will not be provided with TV socket aerials or points. This is the Tenants responsibility.
  • Satellite dishes can be installed by the Tenant but permission should be sought from the TSO

Walls and ceilings

  • All plasterwork to walls & ceilings will be sound and in a condition to allow for the Tenant to decorate
  • All polystyrene tiles will be removed and the area made good

Furnished hostel accommodation

  • Any furniture provided in hostels that is damaged will be replaced • Any damaged, stained and worn carpets will be replaced


  • The new Tenant will be issued with a paint pack to decorate the property, including affordable rents.
  • Inquilab will decorate rooms that have walls that have been subject to severe damage.
  • Residents who have a disability that would prevent them from carrying out decorations may be eligible to have re-decorations completed where they have no relatives who could carry this out on their behalf