Managing your budget

You’re not born with budgeting skills but you’re expected to manage your money

If you manage your budget well you will be able to

  • Pay your living expenses
  • Keep debts to a manageable level
  • Save for leisure, occasional and seasonal events
  • Avoid money anxiety

Manage your budget by following these simple steps

Set your budgeting goals, ask yourself

  • How much could I afford to spend?
  • How much could I save ?
  • How soon could I get out of debt?
  • Can I spend less?
  • Can I earn more?

Identify your income and expenditure

Increase your income and reduce your expenditure as much as you can

Keep a diary of your spending to keep track of what you spend

Complete a budget and include leisure, occasional and seasonal spending

Don’t spend more than you earn

Attend a free budgeting course to learn more about budgeting

Get money advice if you are struggling to manage your budget and have multiple debts