Customer Charter

Inquilab Housing Association aims to give excellent and efficient customer services.

The Customer Charter sets out the standards of service you can expect from us. It has been developed with feedback from residents and each of the standards has a clear measure agreed with the Resident Scrutiny Panel, who then monitor each area and report to you.

The commitments are designed to provide the highest quality service; meeting residents’ needs within available resources.

As a resident of  Inquilab Housing Association you can expect us to:

Communication and Customer Service

Aim to keep 95% of our customers informed about our services and aim to improve access to our services particularly through increasing the services we provide on line

We will ensure customer services are accessible, monitored and use your feedback to improve the service.

Aim to reply to 100% letters and e-mails within 5 working days of receipt. If we cannot provide a reply within this time, we will acknowledge your letter or email and give you a date by which you expect a reply

Aim to deal with 80% of enquiries at the first point of contact and connect you to the correct person if you need specialist help


We will acknowledge your complaint within two working days of receipt

Anti-social Behaviour

We will contact resident who reports an incident of anti-social behaviour within five working days

We will contact resident who reports a serious incident of anti-social behaviour within 48 hours

Carry out satisfaction with how the ASB report was handled

Estate management

We will publish our timetables and criteria for grounds maintenance and cleaning annually


Will we aim to meet our repairs response times

Value for money

We will monitor our performance, compare it with other similar organisations

Financial Support

We will adopt a firm but fair approach to collecting unpaid rent

We will offer tenants advice on welfare benefits, budgeting and money management

Your responsibilities as a tenant

Understanding and fulfilling your responsibilities is key to maintaining high standards. Your responsibilities to help us achieve the service commitments are:

  • Paying your rent service charges regularly and on time
  • Keeping your property in good order and carrying out minor repairs that are your responsibility under your tenancy agreements
  • Providing access for your annual gas safety inspection to be carried out
  • Reporting repairs to your home and communal areas and keeping appointments
  • Keeping communal areas clear and tidy
  • Giving 4 weeks’ notice when you plan to move out
  • Making sure that no ASB is caused or tolerated
  • Acting in a considerate and reasonable way towards others and making sure your family and visitors do the same
  • Treating our staff and contractors with respect