Universal Credit

How to prepare for Universal Credit

Universal Credit will bring together income-related benefits into one single payment.

Universal Credit will only apply to working age people.

Pensioners will not claim Universal Credit.

The following benefits will be abolished:

One of the main changes is how Universal Credit will be paid. At the moment, Housing Benefit can be paid either to the tenant, or in most cases, directly to the landlord.

This is going to change and payments will now be made directly to tenants.

The frequency of payments being made will also change as Universal Credit will be paid monthly in arrears.

Although there may be some exceptions for vulnerable people, it is essential that all tenants have a way of paying their rent as soon as they receive their Universal Credit payment.

We realise that this is a huge change and some people may struggle to prioritise essential payments such as rent.

If this is the case, please contact your Customer Accounts Officer on 0208 607 7777, who will be able to talk through all of your options, including the setting up of a direct debit or opening an account with Hillingdon Credit Union.

To prepare for Universal Credit you should:


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