Our mission, vision and values

Our Mission & Vision


To meet housing need and support sustainable communities


A top performing, customer driven business, making a positive contribution to supporting diverse and cohesive communities 

Our vision looks to the future and provides inspiration, setting out where we want to be in 2021. It is supported by a long term financial plan, strategic and corporate objectives that set out what we need to do, our risk management strategy and the values we hold.

As a customer-driven business, we will deliver excellent services by being innovative and efficient. We want to build new homes and ensure our community is supported through physical and community activities.

Our values

  • Service 

    Delivering services residents value and we’re proud of

  • Trust

    Being open, honest and showing integrity

  • Accountability

    Taking ownership and responsibility

  • Respect

    Showing care, commitment, and fairness

  • Strength 

    Building on the strength of people, legacy and resources