Get Involved

Getting Involved

You can find out here about how to get involved with Inquilab, the groups you could join and some roles you could take on:

Customer Advisory Panel

By joining the Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) you can have a say on how our services are shaped and delivered.

As a CAP member we will contact you to find out your views on our services. The information you provide will be sent to the Resident Experience Panel (see below) who will consider your views before passing them on to the Board.

The aims of the CAP are to:

  • Provide views on how to develop and improve services
  • Influence discussions on our housing strategy
  • Monitor our contractors’ performance
  • Support the formation of resident associations and lend support to existing groups
  • Work with us in delivering excellent landlord services
  • Promote value for money in our housing services

You choose how much you get involved, it is up to you how much you get involved.

You can:

  • Take part in satisfaction surveys over the phone
  • Complete surveys and questionnaires
  • Read and comment on information we will provide
  • Be a 'mystery shopper'
  • Take part in focus groups and consultation events
  • Join the newsletter panel
  • Become an estate inspector
  • Help plan our annual conference
  • Take part in service reviews
  • Join our "Can Do" improvement group


As a CAP member you will not be left out of pocket. We will pay back your expenses and even cover reasonable childcare and travel expenses. We also provide training.


There is no age limit, but you must be an Inquilab resident, or member of a resident’s family, to join. All CAP members are volunteers. No payments are made, except to pay back expenses.

Resident Experience Panel

The Resident Experience Panel (REP) looks at our services and policies on:

  • Housing
  • Allocation and letting
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Housing service management
  • Repairs, maintenance, rent collection and voids
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Housing Benefit advice and debt recovery
  • Equality and racial harassment
  • Customer care
  • The environment

The REP reports to the Board of Management with a view to influencing their decision making. So this group is for you if you feel strongly about a service we provide and would like to have a say.

Estate Inspectors

Estate inspectors check the communal areas of our estates every month and monitor how well we are managing the gardening and cleaning services.

They provide us with regular feedback and supplement the inspections we carry out twice a year.


There is no age limit, but you must be an Inquilab resident, or member of a resident’s family, to join.

Training and support is provided. 

Estates Inspectors will be given a £20 voucher per Inspection.

Mystery Shopping

Become a Mystery Shopper and get paid to monitor and evaluate the services Inquilab Housing Association is providing.
Learn new skills and techniques.
Get incentives for your hard work.

Tenant & Resident Association (TRA)

TRA provide residents of neighbourhoods the opportunity to get together for social, recreational and community improvement purposes.
On-going support and training provided
If you would like to set up a TRA in your area contact us on