Gas safety

Gas Safety

By law we must visit your home once a year to check that your gas supply and appliances are safe.

Why do I need a gas service and safety check?

Every year in the UK about 50 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas fires, central heating boilers, cookers and other gas appliances. As well as making your home safer, a check will make sure your appliances are working properly and efficiently. This will help save you money on fuel bills.

What does the check involve?

The safety check is free and takes about 40 minutes. Our contractor will check and service your boiler, gas pipes and flues (vents that take the fumes outside). They will also check the connection to your gas cooker, but not the cooker itself. It is your responsibility to make sure the cooker is safe, but our contractor will tell you if there is a problem.

How is my yearly check arranged?

When your next gas safety check is due, our contractor will write offering you a date and time for their visit. It is really important that you keep this appointment.

If the time is not convenient, please contact our contractor straight away and they will arrange a new date and time with you.

If you are not at home for the appointment, the contractor will leave a card letting you know they called.They will then send you another appointment date.

If you miss both your appointments we can take legal action to get into your home and you may have to pay legal costs of up to £1,000.

This is what will happen if you do not co-operate with the gas safety check:

What happens after the check?

After the check, our contractor will give you a gas safety certificate, known as a CP12 or LGSR (Landlords Gas Safety Record). Inquilab will receive a copy.

If I no longer use gas in my home, do I still need a check?

Even if the gas meter in your home has been turned off, we still need to check the supply pipes to make sure there are no gas leaks.

Who is the gas contractor?

The gas contractor is BSW Ltd and their engineers visit all residents who need a gas safety check. They also carry out repairs to gas heating systems.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas. It has no smell and you cannot see it, but it can kill without warning.

The early symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning are like those of flu, but without the fever. They include headache, tiredness, shortness of breath, feeling sick and dizziness.

You can help keep yourself safe from Carbon Monoxide poisoning by:

If you think there may be a gas leak in your home:

If you smell gas: