Hillingdon Credit Union

Hillingdon Credit Union is proud to announce its partnership with Inquilab Housing Association, to provide easy access to savings accounts, loan facilities and Visa cards to all tenants and staff of Inquilab – all at very competitive rates, even if you do not have a credit history.

It is free to join Hillingdon Credit Union, where all members have an initial savings account to allow regular monthly savings. We pay an annual dividend to all savers based on their balance – last year this was 1.5% which is a much higher return than is available from High Street Banks – we anticipate the same return will be paid for the current year. To join please complete the simple application form and send this together with a copy of your identification documents to our office.

We provide very competitive loan facilities, even if you have no prior credit history or a difficult credit history. The key factor in agreeing to provide a loan is ensuring you have the ability to meet the regular loan payments. If you are unemployed we are happy to look at facilities up to £500 if you are in receipt of Child Benefit – please see the frequently asked questions for further details.

Some of the key features of our loans are:

To apply for a loan you just need to complete a loan application form and send this together with 1 months copy bank statements to our office and we will aim to come back to confirm if we are able to help within 24 hours. Where a loan is agreed we will send you a loan agreement form that will need to be signed and returned.

Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions sheets for further information. Alternatively have a look at our web site – www.hillingdoncu.co.ukthere is a loan calculator where you can look at the likely monthly payments and there is much more information on the type of loans available.

We can also provide a Prepaid VISA card to all members of Hillingdon Credit Union, which gives you access to on-line purchases and can be used at all high street outlets that take Visa cards. The card has many features – a summary of these are as follows:

  • No credit checks are made for the card – they are available to any member above the age of 18.
  • The card is contactless so can be used on buses to pay for local trips
  • The card comes with a phone app that allows you to keep a check on your balance and entries
  • You can set up standing orders for regular payments including Sky
  • You can only spend the amount you have on the card – you cannot go overdrawn
  • The card has electronic wallets – a bit like jam jars. These allow you to put money aside for rent, food, council tax etc – a very helpful budgeting tool
  • The card gives you cash back discounts at many high street shops i.e. 3% off all shopping at Asda, 7% at New Look and 4% at Argos – please see our web site for more details.
  • There are no unexpected unpaid fees or referral fees, so if you currently pay bank charges of more than £2pm this card will save you money.
  • The card costs a one off £5 and then £2pm from thereon. With the cashback discounts available many card holders are able to earn £10 per month or more plus saving on unexpected bank charges. For full details on fees please see our web site. As an introductory offer, all cards issued in September and October 2014 will not be charged the one off £5 fee.

To apply for the card just complete the very simple application form and send this through to our office. The card would normally be with you within 7 days.

If you have any questions or matters that you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01895 250958 between the hours of 10 and 3pm Monday to Friday

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